Blog Post 2

1. a) I explored the story about coal; I began with the first video, then the next, as a next button appeared with an arrow pointing down to it. I followed these video until they story was over, or until the next buttons ended, indicating the story was over.

b) I did not encounter navigation issues. From what I explored on http://www.poweringanation/coal/#, following the story was simple and “next” buttons were provided in order to follow the sequence. The design was simple and further exploration was easy due to the search bar. Also, the back button took me right back to where I was before; I did not get lost in the website and it was very easy to navigate around.

c) Finding contact information was extremely easy and only took a few seconds. After entering the website, there is an “about” button at the top which takes you to a contact option. The contact button took me right to an e-mail page to contact the team members with whatever I may want to contact them about.

2. a) I conducted the usability test on my boyfriend, Guy. He thought the website was very clean and modern looking. He also agreed it was easy to navigate around and he was also intrigued by the content.

b) Guy followed the same story as me, coal. He also watched the video about sewer exploration. He did not encounter any navigation issues, as stated previously, the website provided great navigation.

c) Guy could not find contact information when he entered the website provided in the instructions. When he entered the website in its original form:, he found contact information within seconds.

3. Guy and I both had similar experiences and found the website easy to navigate around. He however explored more videos and links than I did, and still had no navigation issues.

4. The “next” buttons definitely should not change because those make navigation easy for even the most web-remedial user. The format/layout should not change because it’s very clean looking. Also, the content should not change; each video story are done very well and are very interesting. Each story is an element of our nation we should all be aware of.

5. When following a video story, the contact information should be made available, rather than only having the option to connect to the website’s Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. I honestly cannot think of other things that should change about the website; I found this site to be informative, interesting, and easy to use.


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