Spud Takes a Walk



Spud, unleashed and unrestricted, does not fear moving vehicles as he runs into the middle of the street and looks back at me, his eyes full of sarcasm.

This photo exemplifies the background composition technique. The subject, Spud, (my dog), is set against a simple background made up of the street’s asphalt. The background does not distract the eye from the subject at all and almost compliments Spud’s detailed physical features.  The rule of thirds almost applies in this photo; however, even though Spud is not positioned in the middle, which the rule of thirds attempts to combat, he still takes up about two thirds of the shot.

Aimless Wandering



Some say he lacks direction, but he knows which way to go, even if it’s no where.

I’m going to say balance is the dominant composition technique in this photo. The boy’s figure is balanced by the huge tree on the right, since both parts are rather large for the frame. The boy is Guy, my boyfriend, and he is often the subject of my photos as well as subjected to my experimentation, which is another composition element in the photo. I used black and white instead of color as well as messing with the aperture settings. He is a little blurry, which was an accident, but I think it gives the photo depth. Also, even though it is in black and white, the dark-to-light ratio is the photo creates contrast.

Back Road Adventure


Alley ways and back roads carry a level of uncertainty; the euphoria felt by the risk taker. 

This photo uses the focus composition technique to the fullest. It was shot with shallow depth of field; meaning the foreground is in focus and the background out of focus. I used a 50 mm lens and f/5.0; there was also some experimentation used with the aperture setting and the ISO speed, and I think I should practice with a lower speed in my next round of shots. Depth is also part of the photo, as the end of the alley looks far off in the distance. Texture is also incorporated in the photo as the rocks that are in focus as sharp and detailed.

Mother Nature Hard at Work


Busy busy bee

This photo has an excellent use of texture I think; the fine details of the sunflower are sharp and most certainly bring out the beauty of a simple, everyday flower. I took this photo on the macro setting to get the most detailed shot I could. I was also lucky that a bumblebee happened to be resting on the flower. He was hard to get in focus and this was the best photo of the bee and the sunflower’s detail; a lucky shot. Color is another composition element employed with this photo; the bright yellow pops against the dim background and the shade of yellow is a true yellow and not distorted.

Spud Loves the Camera


Spud wags his tongue and shows off his classic corgi smile, he is a pup that truly loves life.

Yes this is a repeat of Spud, but he’s just so adorable how can you not want to see him again? He’s my favorite subject to shoot because he has the best smile and he makes everyone that sees him so happy. And I mean, is he not the cutest dog you’ve ever seen? Anyway, this photo has a great use of the cropping technique; it was actually a total accident as Spud just ran toward me and was a completely natural crop. There’s also sharp detail, as his tongue, eyes, and fur are all vibrant and in great focus, surprisingly. Focus is another composition element as Spud is in great focus, again by accident, and the rocks that make up the background are blurry. I love this photo because his joy emanates through the photo and gives the viewer a happy feeling. Any photo that evokes feeling is a great photo!

I definitely enjoyed this assignment as I am an avid, aspiring photographer and any excuse to experiment with shooting is a great time for me. I have so much to learn, but the best way to learn is to do; through trial and error. After this assignment I picked up some tips using lower ISO speeds, which I intend to practice the next time I break out my camera. I truly love photography because the possibilities are endless. The photographer sees a scene through the lens and captures it on their own terms, creating a lasting image from their perspective. It is always an original art form and there is always more to learn. The more experimentation, the better the photos! 





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