Playing in the Park


Zoey runs around in Prexies Pasture enjoying a warm fall afternoon.

This photo was an attempt at “panning.” I did a fairly good job at panning, as Zoey is in focus and the background blurred. It was very easy to get this shot because she was just running around having fun; she didn’t even notice the camera nor was she really even aware I was photographing her, she was focused on playing, which gives the photo a great, fun feeling.  The contrast of Zoey and her shadow are a creative device, as well as the panning technique I used. Background is almost a great device, there was a girl standing in the background however.

Bicycle Bicycle, I Want to Ride My Bicycle


Brittany Cox rides her bike on campus after her last class.

I am using this photo for my sports-related photo, as I was not able to attend a sporting event. I felt sort of annoying taking this photo, actually, because she was riding her bike. Nonetheless, she still smiled at the camera and stopped to give me her name. I used the panning technique again, she herself was out of focus but her bike was in focus. Because of that I felt like this was a cool photo that uses the experimentation device. The background is also a great device because it’s simply trees and pavement, and does not distract from the subject.

Five Women Wearing One Dress



The cast of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress reenact a scene on opening night.

I felt nervous taking this photo because there was a professional photographer taking records shots for the cast, so I felt undermined and almost like I was being judged because I didn’t have all the equipment, like a tripod, that the professional had. Also, the guy kneeling in front wasn’t really taking a photo; the lighting came from stage lights and was meant to look like a flash. I think the lighting on the girls’ features was great, making it rather vibrant against the black background. The girls are also in great focus. Overall, I think this makes for a great shot. They all look like they’re having a lot of fun which made it fun to shoot.

Flower Power


Taylor Best gives a warm smile while hiking around Red Rocks on a warm Sunday afternoon.

I happened to run into this lovely lady carrying a bouquet of (fake) flowers while hiking around Red Rocks. I felt so happy taking this shot because she was happy to oblige! It’s always a great feeling when a stranger is willing to let you take their picture, without thinking you’re weird. This is a great portrait; she’s happy and you can feel it through the photo. Also the flowers make for a great balancing element. Color is another device in the photo as the flowers are bright and colorful against the neutral colors throughout the rest of the photo. Focus is another device because the background is out of focus and the subject is in focus.

Hard at Work


Kayleigh Willams stands at her booth at the internship and job fair on campus Tuesday afternoon.

This is a good news feature photo because it is a specific moment in a busy event. I like the focus element I used; as she is the only focused part of the photo, making her the subject. I also really liked the moment I captured; she is just leaning up against the table while everyone is hurrying around the place. I felt out of place taking this photo; I wasn’t there looking for work, I wasn’t wearing business attire, and I had a camera. There was so much movement in the room that catching a moment of calmness was very lucky.

Taking feature photos can be surprisingly difficult! It can be really hard to get a great shot when everyone and everything is fast-paced and no one notices you and your camera. Or, no one cares so people keep stepping in front of your camera! It’s not like you can ask people to stop where they are so you can shoot, and you can’t ask people to try to act natural because they definitely won’t act natural if they’re being photographed. I wish I had planned better and was able to attend a sporting event, not only for the assignment but because I don’t have much experience shooting sports. (I lost my student I.D. a few weeks ago, so I didn’t think I would be able to get into any games on campus). I really do like shooting features though because the moments and feelings captured are always unique; things you would never get if you were looking for them.


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