Blog Post #5 Raw Audio File

Blog Post #5 Raw Audio File

I have had a decent amount of experience interviewing people due to my journalism experience thus far, so I felt comfortable and interviewing Brittany came naturally. I felt like she may have been a little on edge with the experience however; she seemed to be making a simple interview into a much more difficult process than it needed to be.

I have a basic audio recorder that I use to conduct my own interviews, the digital recorder was much more technologically complex than mine though. I must admit I was not fully able to use it without initial assistance. Being the interviewee for once was fun, obviously, because I got to talk about myself! It is difficult to be interviewed by someone that does not quite grasp the malleable structure of interview questions. An interviewer must be able to adapt to the flow of the interview; we obviously cannot predict what a person is going to say next, therefore an interviewer should be prepared for the interview to go in a different direction outside of their initial set of questions. If an interviewer is rigid with questions, than it can be hard to answer. My interviewer was a little rigid with questioning, and did not really relate to my interview topic, so it’s fine because her topic was one I don’t really relate to.

I would love to go back to answer questions more fluently, as I am now consciously aware of my usage of “like” and “um.” Otherwise the whole process: interviewing and being interviewed, was rather simple and it was a fresh experience talking to a classmate I wouldn’t have otherwise talked to. And, like always, hearing my voice played back on a recorder was awkward because I have a weirdly pitched, raspy voice and never enjoy hearing it played back!

I’m not sure if I uploaded or embedded my raw file though; the link post made the most sense.


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