Blog Post #6

Blog Post #6

For this assignment, the editing assignment, I failed to organize my time and proactively finish this assignment. So, my post is late. Editing the audio piece was somewhat tedious; to get the perfect clip of sound, I would have to be very precise with my selections and deleting. I’ve never done any editing before so this was a new experience, it proved a little difficult, especially after I woke up at two in the morning, completely unaware I had even fallen asleep, and my post was going to be late. I think what I’m really starting to learn is that I need adequate sleep every night, because if I don’t get sleep one night and have important things to do the next day, I usually fall asleep without notice and mess everything up! This has been the worse midterm week I’ve had since I started college in 2007, just one mistake or running out of time on an essay exam, or completely missing deadlines. But there’s nothing I can do to change my late post; I guess it’s better to make a late a post than no post at all. And my edited audio track is almost perfect; so I’m a little frustrated with myself. Maybe my inability to stay awake when I need to be, who knows maybe I’m epileptic. But other than falling asleep, missing my deadline, and getting yet another bad grade during midterms, my first experience editing audio  wasn’t all that bad!

I wish I would have given myself time to play around with sound effects, but alas, I fell asleep. My boyfriend and several of his friends are deejays and/or producers, and the popular producing software is called Ableton. I’ve watched a lot of friends use Ableton to make new music or to remix tracks and I have always been interested in how the program works. In fact, before the release of Ableton program, Audacity was a program that deejays and producers used. So my new experience with editing now gives me some insight into the basic editing that goes into deejay track remixing. Producing music is much more complex since the producer start from scratch; remixing is a little easier just because there is already at least one track,sometimes two, to use a guide or template.

I did like editing my audio file, despite turning it in late and not having time yo play with sound effects. Having the power to delete certain parts of the interview or combine other parts was fun! I got to decided how the interview sounded and what is heard.


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