Blog Post #8

This project takes the viewer on a tour of the University of Wyoming meat lab. Aside from agricultural students, most students are unaware there is a meat lab on campus and oblivious of their operations, which include slaughtering farm animals and packaging meat. The audio portion features Kayla Foster, an employee of the meat lab and a meat science major, and Darren is also featured. Darren is a vegan and tells his experience of being a vegan while living in Wyoming.

Working with a partner is never an easy task, especially when you two are strangers. I found my partner for this project to be very nice and helpful; he was willing to do half of the work (the more difficult half I might add). I felt as though I held this project in higher regard than my partner however, as I am quite dependent on a good grade. Also, while communication was in fact decent, I wouldn’t like to think of how it may have been different had I waited for my partner to make the first contact. Overall, I just prefer working by myself. That’s nothing against anyone, it’s just better so if something goes wrong, I only have myself to blame and I am solely dependent on myself.

The audio I received from Darren was very entertaining. He’s in another class with me and I really don’t know him well; I asked that class, just on a whim, if anyone was vegetarian. Our professor outed Darren and coerced him to provide me with audio. He was hesitant at first for some reason, but we both had fun talking about his dietary choices and it was pretty entertaining. Kayla, on the other hand, was very shy, even though she was only talking into a recorder. She felt awkward and “weird,” to quote her. I thought having a story from someone who doesn’t eat meat would be an interesting contrast to the meat lab, and someone who’s life literally revolves around meat.

My partner did the editing, so I didn’t have any direct experience with the sound slides software. If I were to do this project again I would definitely be more proactive. My original topic and subject hurt himself skateboarding and was in the hospital, so the meat lab idea was a last minute thing, so the project kind of suffered. It was nice to have a partner willing to equally share the work load though, and be so calm when things didn’t go perfectly as planned. The last experience I had working with a partner was far from pleasant, but the partner this project most certainly was.

In summation, it could have been better, but it could have been worse! 


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