Blog Post #9

I tweeted from the Cowgirl’s basketball game versus the University of Colorado (Buffs). 

I actually had fun doing this, not only did I feel interactive with the game but tweeting gave me an enthusiastic attitude, I felt excited about the game being played.

Issues I had were missing certain important aspects, like names of players announced, and some action, because I was writing a tweet. I also learned it is a good idea to have a team roster so if I do miss the name of the player that just scored/fouled/etc. then I can find the name of the player. I had to ask a few spectators the names of some players, and that might have annoyed them…

I definitely should have planned who I could interview or talked to potential interviewees prior to the game, because I was completely lost on that point when it came down to it.

Social media is the wave of the future in several different areas of industry, especially in journalism and marketing. I am interviewing for a social media internship in the school’s athletics department for next semester, so hopefully I will be using social media professionally very soon!


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